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Welcome to Student Association of Taiwan

Student Association of Taiwan, UW-Madison, 簡稱SAT

我們是威斯康辛大學麥迪遜分校台灣學生會,一個以服務威斯康辛大學台灣學生為宗旨的學生團體。 台灣學生會不只提供學生許多有關學校的資訊,也會在特定時間舉辦活動來增加台灣人之間的情感交流。作為台灣學生在學校的代表,學生會盡己所能的幫助校園裡 的台灣學生,並宣揚台灣文化,更重要的是營造出如同家一般的感覺。

很高興你選擇University of Wisconsin - Madison,歡迎你加入Badger的行列!


The Student Association of Taiwan (SAT) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison serves as a forum for Taiwanese students, locals, as well as international students to meet, develop friendships, and bond with each other in a friendly environment.
Our main mission is to bring students together from all fields of study for recreational, academic, and cultural purposes. SAT hopes to serve as a channel of communication for all its members. We welcome students of all ethnicities and nationalities to participate in our organization.
We hope to create delightful, precious memories for all Taiwanese students in Madison as well as local Americans and international students.

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